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On Becoming a Better Evangelist/Witness 01

In these days in which we live there is no shortage of things for us to watch, either on tv or the internet. As disciples of Christ, we don't have to be carried away into watching nonsense that does nothing for our souls or to make us better witnesses for Jesus. We can, by the work of the Holy Spirit within us, be disciplined; we are called to a disciplined life at the Lord's service.

In the next few blog posts, we at PMc would like to share some links that we find both encouraging and helpful for all Christians trying to live and please their Master. Our hope is that you might consider watching these as a substitute for the worthless videos the world proposes to you each day. Be encouraged. Be edified. Bring God glory as you grow in desire and skill in evangelizing this lost world. If there is one area where the church is weak, it would probably be evangelism. We believe this can change!

Today we share a video from Apologia Studios and Jeff Durbin who we find to be very much graced in apologetics and Christ-centered Biblical evangelism. He is particularly good at: seeing the image of God in everyone and thus loving them, silencing opposers of the faith with gentle words, sound reasoning, fighting against abortion, bold proclamation of the truth.

For this we commend him and these links to you: Evangelism channel on Youtube, Apologia Studios

In this first video Jeff gives a wonderful (must hear) exhortation for Christians regarding the fear associated with evangelism.

Here is an example of some evangelism:

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