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PMc Applications

Please choose the correct application below and follow the instructions. Or, if you have not yet spoken to us and would like more information please contact us for more info.

Long-term Church Planting

If you are interested in applying for a spot on a Long-term Missionary Church Plant Cohort please first contact us via email or phone. After our initial contact, we will send you phase one of this application. Once you complete phase one we will then send you the necessary info so you can begin phase two.

Trip Duration:  2-4 year term

Short-Term Evangelism Cohort

If you are interested in applying for a spot on a Short-term Evangelism Cohort please complete this application.

Trip Duration:  10 days

Trip Dates:  

Cohort 1 -- June 17-27, 2024   

Cohort 2 -- July 15-25, 2024 

Trip Cost:  contact us for more info


If you are interested in applying for a spot as a PMc Missionary Intern please complete this application.


Serve for up to 1 year, and be involved in every aspect of the missionary church plant efforts by coming alongside full-time career missionaries. Put to use all your God-given gifts and talents as you tangibly serve and gain valuable cross-cultural ministry experience.

Trip Duration:  1-12 months

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