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Job Opportunity

- Italy Administrator

At current, we are looking for a person to join the PMc Cohort in Italy in the role of Administrator. Below is a detailed, but not exhaustive, explanation of what this position entails. If you would like to discuss this in person, please contact us and we will be happy to begin a conversation with you. If after discussing the role with us in person, and you are still interested, we will then send you the application so you can apply and be prayerfully considered for the position.



  • Saving Faith, Christ-like character, Passion for the glory of God above all else

  • Minimum 1-year Bible College Certificate (approved by PMc) and/or Commitment to on-field theological and missionary training/discipleship with PMc

  • Love for the God of the Bible, Heart for the Lost, and Love for Christ and His Church 

  • Computer and Technological skills

  • Managerial skills

  • Ability to raise your own support ($2,100/month for an individual or 3,000/month for a couple)

  • Move to Italy

  • Commitment to learning the Italian language and culture

  • Join the PMc church plant cohort 



  • Work with limited resources

  • Learn to overcome Italian bureaucracy

  • Sacrifice, or be a living sacrifice

  • Suffer and endure hardship 

  • Fight the good fight

  • Encounter strong spiritual opposition

  • Lay down your life for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  • Be counted as nothing that Christ may be all

  • Adapt to Italian culture

  • Learn the Italian language

  • Serve the Lord’s church in a spiritually barren land

  • Be used by Jesus

  • Learn 

  • Reach the lost

JOB TASKS INCLUDE but are not limited to:


  • Extended times of prayer

  • Oversee Social Media, websites,  and field updates

  • Recruit Missionaries

  • Process missionary applications

  • Help new missionaries get acclimated

  • Facilitate logistics for Vision Trips, Interns, and Short-term Cohorts

  • Facilitate various aspects of outreach: gather supplies, coordinate, etc...

  • Manage finances and perform basic bookkeeping

  • Coordinate with US office staff

  • Create operational systems

  • Serve and contribute to the church plant as a member of the church and missionary band

  • Assist on-field director and lead church planter

  • Oversee all on-field administration



We offer no salary for this position. The person who fulfills this role will become a PMc missionary, therefore he/she will need to raise his/her own support. 






To help the PMc mission to operate efficiently in order to recruit, involve and train more missionaries, reach more Italians with the Gospel, make more and better disciples of Jesus, and plant more churches - all to the glory of God. 



  • Live in Italy 

  • Live near Venice, Italy

  • Eat good and real Italian food daily

  • Get exercise naturally - people walk much more in Italy 

  • Experience church as it was at the beginning of the church (Acts)

  • Make a difference where there is truly a need

  • See souls saved and lives transformed

  • Edify the church

  • Involve saints from the US in Jesus' global mission

  • Serve Jesus Christ

  • Glorify God

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