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Q&A Regarding Missionaries and Missions Work in Italy

  Most Christians have an idea of what missions is all about and what missionary life is like. The truth, however, is that few Christians have actually seen the missionary life and the work of missionaries firsthand. Naturally, as a result of truly not knowing much about missionary life and missionary people, many disciples the Lord is calling to serve Him in a different culture never embrace their call. Instead, they go on to live a different life never understanding why they still feel unfulfilled with "regular" life or the "American dream".


  This page we are dedicating to our brothers and sisters in Christ so they can ask questions and hear answers regarding everything and anything related to cross-cultural missions. Over the years we have already fielded a number of questions and are now putting them together with new questions that continue to come our way. Are we the best missionaries to ask questions? By no means! Do we have experience in missions among a truly unreached people group? Absolutely, yes! And so we are making this available to you and the next generation. May God bless you as you ask questions and seek to grow in understanding what it is like to be a missionary, particularly in places like Italy, and may God use our answers to stir your heart to play the role God has given you in the Great Commission.




If you have a question of your own, you can email it HERE, or more preferably, 

leave a voice message on our SpeakPipe page or the SpeakPipe widget below. 

Posts from 2015 and earlier when we were serving at SEE, prior to PMc
- please pardon the way-to-formal intros!
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