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Prayer Needs at the Moment

Please join us in prayer for the provision of a Ministry Center (repurposing of a facility) for the Veneto region.

  • With the right facility, we will be able to have a long-term impact: hosting short-term missionaries, hosting conferences and events, creating the PMc Missions Academia courses, giving new missionaries a place to stay when arriving in Italy, and much more.  

Pray for New Missionaries (Short-term Cohorts, Interns, and Long-term Missionaries) to join PMc and the church plant team forming in Venezia Mestre with Jesse & Jeryvee.

Please pray with the Schreck's as they are now evangelizing daily the people of the city of Venezia Mestre to see the Lord save more souls.

  • Pray for a core group of disciples to take form as the Lord builds His church. 


Let your prayers move the heart of God for Italy

The work we have in Italy is surely much, indeed it's overwhelming. We realize that we cannot do it alone and that the revival that we desire to see in Italy will take many years still. For this reason, we ask you to partner with us in prayer for the tasks below. Part of our mission is to assure that after we're gone the mission will continue for many years to come. Your prayers and participation can help make this possible. 
In addition, let us encourage you to join us on the inside at the PMc online community group on Discord, The Italian Cohort. There you can learn of specific ways to partner with us in prayer and see the mission in a more personal way. Thank you for considering joining our Prayer Team and letting your prayers move God's heart for the people of Italy and the building of the Lord's church!
...and after that God was moved by prayer for the land
2 Samuel 21:14b
The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.
James 5:16b

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