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PMc Core Values​


To put into practice these 3 simple core values we have the following practicalities to guide us in living in out: 


 We commit to maintaining a love for God's word and sound doctrine in this age when so many are manipulating Scripture to their own liking and making God into their own image. If the God we serve is not the Sovereign God of the Bible than we are no longer serving God, but a god of our own fashioning; an idol of our making. - 2 Timothy 2: 15; 4: 1-5

2. LOVE for GOD:

   The why behind everything we do is love for God; it's our primary motivation and it comes from knowing the God of the Bible. We commit to living by this standard and reminding one another to do the same. We ask: "Why are we doing this?" before we speak or do. - Matt. 22:37, John 15: 16

3.  LOVE for OTHERS:

   Church-plant teams are like small church families and all families are made up of a variety of personalities, ages, and experiences. It's God's design that we complement one another, but as in any family, there will be differences that make things difficult. We choose to see these challenges as God's grace for our personal and team sanctification. In this way we can truly give thanks in all things, appreciate one another and bring glory to God. - Romans 12: 9-21,   John 13: 34; 15: 13, Eph. 4: 2, 323.


   We pray, work, and fight for it because we know it never comes naturally and that we have an Enemy working against us; we are his primary targets and division is his primary aim. We acknowledge that unity rarely, if ever, happens on its own and so we cannot be passive about keeping unity. - Eph. 4:3, John 17: 23, Phil. 2:1-8


   All Christians agree this is essential but few strive to maintain genuine humility and fewer still know what it is in practice. We commit to helping one another live humble in character as Christ the Lord teaches us. Like Jesus, we consider ourselves bond-servants for the benefit of others. Like Paul, we consider our living as being primarily for the building up of Jesus' church. We are living sacrifices. We desire that Jesus reign over us.  - Phil. 2:1-8; 1:24, Romans 12:1


   Working together on the mission field we are often under extra stress as even common tasks can become complicated in the different cultures in which we labor. Added to this are the numerous spiritual battles we all face. Usually, there is always one member of the team under heavy attack. We realize this and commit to always assuming the best of others, praying for one another daily, checking our own hearts before confronting others in love, seeking clarity rather than judging wrongly, and actually confronting one another in regards to sin and even inviting others to confront and or correct us when necessary.  - 1 Cor. 13:7, Eph. 4: 15-16


   Since on the mission field, we are all in intense spiritual warfare and stresses are often high, we commit to being gracious with one another, remembering that we are all saved and serving Jesus by grace alone through faith alone to the glory of God alone. - Eph. 2: 8-9, Prov. 22: 11, Eph. 4: 29


   We acknowledge that all of us are in the 'school of Christ' and we commit to ongoing personal study and group discussions as part of the PMc Academia. None of us thinks that he alone has all the answers, that he alone hears from God, that he alone knows always exactly what God wants in every situation, or has learned all there is to learn. We respect highly those who have gone before us or have more experience than us, and we welcome insight also from newer missionaries or of those from a different camp. - Romans 12:2, 2 Peter 3: 18, Eph. 4: 12 


   We acknowledge that Jesus is our leader and we put our entire dependence on God the Holy Spirit who convicts, regenerates, saves, and builds the Lord's church. To keep things in perspective we commit to regular team prayer meetings, and we encourage our missionaries to not fall into the trap of thinking anything has a greater priority than meeting alone with God in daily and extensive prayer. Only when we have truly met with God can we adequately go to the people, proclaim the Gospel, and be used by God for His glory. We agree that nothing of eternal significance happens apart from prayer. - 1 Thess. 5: 16-18


   In our day evangelism is often substituted for crafty methods, hospitality, services, wishful thinking or just good behavior (all good and necessary things not to be ignored, but not evangelism) that when substituted for actual evangelism tend to place man as the savior above God the Holy Spirit; this ought not to be. We commit to obeying Jesus by evangelizing while trusting in the Holy Spirit alone to save through regeneration. We put no trust in ourselves or our methods, yet we do not fail to evangelize - it is a primary task. - Titus 3: 5, 2 Tim. 4: 5, Romans 10: 14-17, Matt. 28:18-20


  Every Christian from the moment he/she is born again or regenerated by the work of the Holy Spirit becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ. He/she is now, as we like to say, "In the school of Christ". To be a disciple is to be a learner. We learn through study, but also through experience as we follow and obey Jesus Christ in the context of the local church. To be a disciple is also to be involved in the work of making and strengthening more disciples of Christ. We commit to ongoing discipleship, both personally and by committing to the growth of other believers until Christ returns. - Matt. 20:18-20, Acts 18:23, 2 Pt. 3:18, 2 Tim. 2: 1-2


   We commit ourselves to the singular task of missionary [apostolic-style] church planting until Christ returns or calls us home. We believe church planting to be the best approach to the ongoing work of evangelism. Further, we commit to training indigenous men to become the elders/pastors of the church because this is best for the national church growth. It also enables us missionaries to continue planting more churches.  - Acts 14:22-23 

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