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On Christians Pursuing an Unbeliever Romantically

In Italy one of the hardest things a Christian faces, apart from being considered part of a cult or chastised by family members, is finding a partner to marry. The single missionary in Italy understands this too. Since less than 1% of the population is evangelical and most churches are small, with less than 40 members, they can often get desperately lonely and fall into sin. At times they will have a secret 'sex life' and at other times they will pursue a non believer and try to justify this even though their conscience and the word of God makes it clear that to pursue such a relationship is sin.

A little while ago IX Marks (great resource by the way) published a Journal on singleness and it is full of great articles regarding singles in the church. Here is a link to one article that is particularly good regarding the above mentioned topic. I'm confident that this is relevant for friends of PMc living as Christians also in America today. Recently, a visitor from a supporting church in the US informed me that most singles in America today have resorted to dating by means of an 'app'... They search partners by scrolling through photos. Even Christians are now doing this. Times are sure changing and with all the gender confusion and what not there are potentially more singles in the churches today than in the past. One reason, in my opinion, is because the men are more and more girly because they are too much influenced by the surrounding culture and entertainment industry... That's another story for another day!

If you are single and tempted to look outside the church for a partner, (or if you are involved in ministry), please give this article a read and please don't fall into the trap of pursuing a non believer, or even one that confesses or believes in Christ, but is not willing to join a church, a Bible study, nor get baptized. Someone truly born of the Spirit will love Jesus more than you. Real fruit will be evident: hatred of sin, love for truth, love for God's Word, love for God above all else, love for God's people, compassion for the lost, etc... Marrying a non believer is not about whether or not it will work out. It's a matter of obedience, faith, and honoring Christ in every aspect of your life, which actually belongs to Him.

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