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5 Book Recommendations

Once in awhile I like to share some of the books I'm reading in order to give good recommendations to other readers and learners out there, in particular, those associated and or partnered with the PMc mission. This time I will share 5 books, in no particular order, that I benefited from reading this past summer and that I would recommend. I will give just a brief overview so you get an idea of what the book is about, and I will share the link to it on Amazon so that if you feel led to also read one of these you can access it easily. Enjoy and God bless!

A Neglected Grace by Jason Helopoulos

This book is all about the Christian family and the lost practice of daily worship time in the Christian home. A simple yet profound read with practical advice for families to work towards being a truly Christian home, having Christ at the center. It truly is a neglected grace that is such a blessing to rediscover!

This book is a great one to read before or after the above mentioned book as they both treat the same subject in complimentary ways. This is a bit more profound with more examples from extended years of family life in the Christian home. It really got me excited about the call Christians have to build a truly Christian home which is noticeably different and more important than any other place on earth. Having not grown up in a Christian home, I found this book to be truly a life changing read!

The New Pastor's Handbook by Jason Helopoulos

A must read for any new pastor or seasoned pastor for that matter. The new pastor can gain valuable insight as to how to have a long and fruitful ministry. The seasoned pastor can get a fresh reminder of what it is all about it. This book is a great blessing for anyone laboring in Gospel ministry or missions. Each chapter is just a few pages long but full of biblical and practical wisdom. Each chapter, because it is brief, can serve as a great warm up to morning or evening devotional times.

Reset by David Murray

A must read for all Christians, but this one is specifically designed for men in ministry. In our modern times with smartphones, internet, social media, and generally overly busy lives the temptations abound to distract us and lead us into burnout, even pastoral burnout. The missionary faces this in a unique way as well, because there is always more to do, more souls to reach, limited helpers, etc... but in order to persevere in the long run we must learn to pace ourselves and rest and recreate guilt free while we trust our labors into the Lord's hands or else we slowly lose the flame. This book is designed to help us capture a "grace-paced" life to the glory of God; to set a God-honoring pace in the long race that God has given us to bear fruit and glorify His name. A must read in these busy times in which we live!

Christianity and Liberalism by J. Gresham Machen

This is a must-read classic work on the subject of liberal theology, as opposed to orthodox biblical Christianity. I read this recently with a shepherd's heart concerned for a friend studying theology in a liberal seminary. Sadly he has bought the lie that no intelligent person can believe in the inerrancy of Scripture nor in the supernatural and miracles, yet he wants to maintain Christian beliefs... This book (along with some of RC Sproul's and Gerstner's works) was fundamental in helping me firm up my understandings of the liberal theology movement which has plagued true Christianity in so many ways; appearing to be Christian but actually leading to death. Brilliant and timeless!

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