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Missions and Evangelism - a take from John Piper

Here is a short video from John Piper. He addresses a key topic of our day. It's relevant to all of us who desire to see more people saved because sometimes in an effort to be relevant and innovative we can walk the line of going beyond Scripture norms and practices. In this short talk he gives a personal insight into the unique work of missions, missionaries and evangelism.

He agrees with us that it's not helpful to call all disciples missionaries (though we agree they are in a certain sense) because there is a unique differentiation in the roles of God's people that makes up Christ's church (elders and deacons for example have unique roles in the church, as well as missionaries). Missionaries are different because they are sent to another culture where there is little to no gospel presence; they leave a life behind, learn a new language and culture and raise necessary funds to survive and do gospel ministry.

He says: "I'm troubled when a pastor says everyone is a missionary."

Something to think about.

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