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Health Care for Covid

It's a terrible thing when someone goes through life being told that all is well with them and God. Prosperity preachers are infamous for telling people how great they are (they've been made in God's image), while failing to show people Biblically about their sinful condition that has them at enmity with God and in need of reconciliation and salvation. As Christians, we don't ever want to lead others astray. By God's grace, we want to give people the full counsel of God that they may come to their senses, turn from their sinful ways, and come to the source of life, Christ, for the salvation He freely gives and they desperately need above all other things. We want others to have true life in Christ, based on the truth of the Gospel. Sadly, in the midst of the madness of the pandemic plagued with totalitarian overreach around the world, many people do not have access to sound news or sound medical advice to treat covid in the event that they get it. With cases again rising in our local context, and as we just heard, also back in our home church in Long Island, here is a short post to share a resource that could save your life.

We're living in complex times. Here in Italy, for example, they continue to make it hard for unvaccinated people to live and work. They have now implemented what's called a "Super Green Pass" so that unvaccinated people are no longer able to ride public transportation or participate in regular activities. In the UK, there are reports of 300,000 younger people with heart problems. The possibility that this is related to experimental vaccines, is highly overlooked, and the story being told is that it is a new thing called "Post Pandemic Stress Disorder". In Austria, they are now making plans to fine unvaccinated people €600 every 3 months. If they refuse to pay they will be incarcerated...

India and Japan, on the other hand, have implemented radically different strategies to care for their people (the vaccines appear to not be impressive to them), and amazingly they have extremely low cases of new infections, consistently now. They are using extremely low-cost and effective solutions and medications, but the world is slow to share their stories.

HERE is a resource that may prove helpful for you if you find yourself positive with Covid or if you want to be best prepare yourself for the day you too will get the virus.

And HERE is the link to their protocol for curing people of Covid.

God bless you as you work to stay informed as we all navigate these absurd times. Let us remember that our Lord reigns over it all and is working all things together for our good. Let us love the Lord and our neighbors by staying well-informed and able to serve them with the truth that saves. Do you have any sources that you would recommend to other ministry partners? Please share in the comments sections.

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Jesse Schreck
Jesse Schreck
Dec 17, 2021

Here is a very important interview that you don't want to miss - Joe Rogan and Dr. Peter A. McCullough. It has already been censored and removed from YouTube, but it is still available on Spotify.

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