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10 Tips to Overcome Fear in Evangelism

In these crazy pandemic times, you may not be thinking much about evangelism. There are so many other things dominating our thoughts these days. I would suggest, however, that now is the time when we ought to be even more focused on evangelism. Hearts are sensitive in the midst of uncertain times, and our Lord is known for calling people unto Himself once they see their current foundations (idols) are unsure foundations for living.

All Christians desire to obey their Master, but few of us are actively involved in the work of evangelism. One big reason is because of the reality of fear associated with this unique task that God has given us. If you too struggle with the fear of evangelism, listen to this episode for some practical tips for putting this paralyzing fear to death. May God help us all to be more faithful and fruitful witnesses for Christ.

In my flesh I am the most naturally timid person I know. Throughout all my life I've avoided public speaking. Yet, as my love for God continues to grow so does my love for obeying Jesus and going to the lost to love them and proclaim the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ. I know well what it is like to be fearful in evangelism. Below are some tips to help anyone desiring to overcome this common fear we all have and be found faithful to Jesus.

1.) Remember and Know — you are talking to Spiritually Dead People 2.) Know Your Role in God’s Plan of Salvation 3.) Remember that as you bring the good news You are the one with the blessed feet. 4.) Know how the Enemy Will Tempt You 5.) Know that to Not Witness is to Sin. 6.) Remember that You are in Good Company 7.) Be Full of Faith, Grace, Love and Truth 8.) Get Over/Forget/Deny Yourself 9.) Fast if Necessary 10.) Be Full of Hope (and joy)! Bonus: keep Good company with others who obey Jesus and evangelize

If you apply any of these tips you will be better equipped to obey Jesus in the call to evangelize the lost. For more detail, listen to the teaching on Youtube or the PMc Podcast.

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