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Podcast Suggestions

Podcasts are a wonderful thing. I began listening to podcasts many years ago. I started a missions podcast back in 2014 (if my memory serves me well) to share our experiences, pass on what we were learning, and to incorporate our partners into the ministry. That podcast then became the PMc Missions Podcast and is something we are still producing and improving for the sake of incorporating our partners into the ministry. Recently, we also began the Ask a Missionary series within our podcast so partners and friends can ask any questions they want about missions and church planting in Italy. Soon we hope to begin doing interviews with other missionaries and church leaders as well. We also have an Italian podcast called Vera Vita. It has sermons and biblical exhortations, and everyone who gets one of our gospel tracts is also given access to this.

Anyway, podcasts are now here to stay and they enable us to listen to things we value or enjoy at our own convenience directly from our smartphones. I often am listening to podcasts while commuting, mowing the grass, watering plants, and even while washing the dishes.

Here is a list of some of our favorite podcasts and why we like and recommend them. We share them as tools that you could also benefit from as you live for Christ and wait His return. In addition, we'd like to ask you, what are some podcasts that you are currently listening to? Share with us in the comments section! We know there are tons of other good podcasts out there that we haven't even heard of yet.

In no particular order here are our recommendations today. Note, we also listen to several podcasts which are strictly sermons, but we will not list these today with the exception of one. Perhaps in the future we will share strictly sermons podcasts from trustworthy preachers.


The Briefing - Albert Mohler

- We recommend this podcast for getting the most important news with a biblical worldview perspective. This is a must-listen-to podcast for Christians living in our day and age with all the madness happening at such a quick pace. Listen if you don't want to find yourself and your church swept under the rug of liberal progression.

Practical Shepherding - Brian Croft, Jim Savastio

- We recommend this podcast for anyone involved in church leadership. These guys do a great job of teaching practicalities for the pastoral ministry and biblical churches. We also like them because they focus on being practical in pastoral ministry while we in missions.

- We recommend this podcast ever since we heard of it when Jesse took Reagan's course on productivity at The Master's Seminary - Institute of Church Leadership. He does a great job teaching on productivity with a biblical worldview that glorifies God through true success. He is down to earth and particularly good at making the most of productivity apps and technology tools.

Pastors' Talk - IX Marks: Mark Dever, Jonathan Leeman

- We recommend this podcast for anyone involved in ministry because they do a great job of discussing church matters with the goal of helping churches to be more biblical and healthy in all aspects. We highly commend all the resources available at IX Marks.

Wretched Radio - Todd Friel

- We recommend this podcast for all Christians even though he can be a bit controversial at times. His love for the God of the Bible is evident, as is his passion both for the church and the lost. At the very least, we would commend to you "Witness Wednesdays". One thing we appreciate about him is his example of biblical evangelism using good apologetics that always lead to the proclamation of the gospel. He practices what he preaches and regularly does the dirty work of evangelism. Men like this have a special place in our hearts. They also do a great work to support ending abortion.

Expositor - One Passion Ministries with Dr. Steven Lawson

- We recommend this podcast for those who are preachers. Steve is one of our favorite preachers and teachers and he has much to share on the subject and work of biblical and faithful preaching. Please note, much preaching today is not really preaching at all; it can often be unfaithful to the biblical text or more of a motivational speech...

Preachers Talk - IX Marks, Simeon's Trust

- We recommend this podcast for those who are preachers. We don't know these guys, but they share the same biblical convictions as IX Marks and they offer good insight into the work of biblical and faithful gospel preaching.

Ask Pastor John - Desiring God with John Piper and Tony Reinke

- We recommend this podcast for the short episodes of Q&A with a longtime pastor and faithful expositor of Scripture with a biblical view of God. Lots of great questions and answers to browse.

Grace to You Pulpit - John Macarthur

- We recommend this podcast for anyone looking for biblical exposition at its finest. This is the only podcast we share in this blog post that is a pulpit podcast for sermons. Tune in and let the faithful preaching of the Word of God feed your soul.

For the Church Podcast - Jared Wilson

- We recommend this podcast for those involved in ministry. We've only begun listening to this recently, but we find the conversations helpful. We're not crazy about the funky intro music, but if you skip past that you can get to some helpful content for the work of church ministry.

Apologia Radio - Jeff Durbin

- We recommend this podcast even though these guys can be a bit on the edge. They are exceptionally good at defending the faith and evangelism with the use of good apologetics. Listen in and we are sure you will learn how to be better prepared for evangelism in these times in which we are living. They are bold, logical, informed, and compassionate preachers of the Gospel. They also have a good ministry for ending abortion and the murder of babies.

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