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Spiritual Warfare - quick reads, long-lasting benefits

Too often in our days the church and individual disciples are tempted to one of two extremes; deny the reality of the demonic entirely, or over-emphasize the demonic and fail to comprehend the Sovereignty of God over all His creations.

This particular issue from Ligonier's Table Talk magazine caught my attention because as missionaries and church planters we constantly face a particular spiritual warfare. To flourish we must have a firm understanding and be mindful both of God's sovereignty and the work of Satan to destroy missionaries and in the end destroy church bodies as well. Satan hates the church and applies himself relentlessly to rendering the church of Christ impotent. We highly recommend that you give some time to reading the articles of this issue.

I know a number of people who have fallen victim to the Enemy's deceptions regarding the church; what the church is, what the church does, etc... You can view the articles HERE online. It is similar to C.S. Lewis' famous Screwtape Letters which we also highly recommend. The difference is that Screwtape letters focuses on Satan's work to ruin the individual Christian and it is a book. Table Talk's issue, "A Field Guide from the Abyss", is made up of short one-page articles focused on the Enemy's work to ruin the church as a whole (universal church and local churches).

Enjoy and God bless you!


If you are looking for another good read regarding Spiritual Warfare, we would recommend to you, Truth or Territory: A Biblical Approach to Spiritual Warfare, by Jim Osman

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