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What's wrong with this Picture?

Recently missionary friends of ours captured this photo of a painting on a wall in a town nearby where they live in North East Italy. In Italy, it is normal to see shrines, statues and other things embedded all around the cities and towns. As you can see in this photo, however, there is clearly something wrong with what is portrayed.

Sadly, the overwhelming amount of images surrounding the people here is actually a way that indoctrinates them into false beliefs and practices taught by Roman Catholicism. It is for reasons like this that most Italians today are full of doubts about the things of God, the Bible, Jesus Christ and the church, and yet they are fully confident of their (false) beliefs about Mary. It is a very sad situation, but it is nonetheless the reality we deal with here in Italy on a daily basis.

Take a close look at this picture. Then read Genesis chapter 3 and see if you can figure out what is wrong with this picture.

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