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Who is Mary? - a link to a useful article

For those of us who serve Jesus in Italy and are involved in evangelism, Mary is a constant thing we must address. Countless souls have countless doubts about God, the Bible and the church while they are fully confident in their belief about Mary as their intercessor. It's very ironic, very sad and very disturbing, not to mention unbiblical. If you speak of Mary in any way contrary to the held belief of Roman Catholics they become very defensive and uneasy. Literally, in Italy you commonly find entire neighborhoods with statues of Mary on every corner and often in many yards or imbedded into walls. People light candles and pray to her to protect their neighborhoods.

Here below is an example of Mary on a wall along the street; literally imbedded into the Italian culture.

We share this article for your edification since many times Christians around the world struggle to comprehend the Roman Catholic teaching, belief, practice and history of Mary in their theology and practice. This article is posted on the IMB (International Mission Board) website and was written in clear and simple form by one of Italy's leading pastoral theologians of the day, Leonardo De Chirico. God bless you as you read.

You can view the article HERE.

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