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ABC Church in Pordenone City

To the glory and honor of the Lord Jesus Christ we want to share a little bit of the story of the Pordenone church plant which, by God's grace alone, is now thriving and bearing much fruit. Obviously, everyone involved prayerfully and financially as supporters are to be considered used by God for the planting of this church. None of the missionaries who served to see this happen would have served even one day if not for the partners behind them!


We began the ground work in 2011 - Jesse prayerfully sent out alone by the mission founder to sow the gospel with custom written and printed tracts distributing them from house to house and in all the city coffee shops and following up with the people to do Bible studies. We also began evangelism teams: doing mass distributions, kids ministry at the parks, drama ministry in the town squares, testimonies, concerts.

In late 2011 we formed a team of 10 full time missionaries - 5 couples from different backgrounds and ages, but all missionaries from the USA except for Jeryvee who is from the Philippines. Some were learning Italian but most spoke it already. Some were on the team, but also overseeing and/or serving other ministries: study abroad bible school, Filipino ministry, campus maintenance, administration duties, language school in a small town outside the city.

In early 2012 we rented a small hall in the center of Pordenone city and we started (and added to our outreach) free conversational English courses in the city - sowing the Word also in deed. Plurality of elders consisted of 3 missionary pastors.

In April 2012 we held our first worship service and in June or July 2012 we had our first baptisms.

Through 2012-2016 we continued regular outreach: apologetic style campaigns, book tables, distributions, English courses, gatherings, house visits, Bible studies, meals, evangelism teams, friendships.

Through 2012-2016 we continued regular church functions and activities: also one-on-one discipleship for all new converts.

Through much perseverance, hard labor and prayer and intercession the church is now thriving according to God's sovereign grace and plan. About 40-50 members attend regularly. People are growing in grace, getting saved, getting baptized, church members are leading worship, people are witnessing together and there are now 2 Italian men being discipled personally by the mission founder to become elders.

In addition: thousands of people have been in contact with the living Lord Jesus Christ through our deeds and Gospel Proclamation - thousands of gospel seeds have been sown that could potentially sprout at any moment. Every household and family in the city has been sown the gospel through apologetic-style tracts custom written and made. In a very legitimate way the city has been impacted by the Gospel and will now, Lord willing, continue to be impacted for years to come in all new ways.


Let us give thanks that Jesus let us play a part in His work!


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