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Mercy - Gospel Confusion

This past weekend I was given an opportunity to observe an event organized by the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) under the order of the current pope. It was an event to celebrate the different nations or people groups present in Italy.

On Friday night there was a discussion on "mercy" with a nun, a Chinese woman converted to Catholicism, a Don overseeing the charity department for the RCC in the area and a young couple who encourages children in the hospital. All of them shared of their experiences in helping "less fortunate people". None of them understood anything about the Biblical concept of mercy. Most likely, all of them were unregenerate and therefore dead in their sins, though as a result of their religion, made to be self-righteous...

There emphasis was on the helping of other people, in particular the foreigner. Good things, obviously. Their motivation was the RCC version of Jesus - one who saves everyone despite their religion and lack of "saving faith" in Jesus Christ. Their belief in Universalism was evident.

What were they all failing to comprehend in regards to mercy?

Mainly, that as sinners before a Holy God, they all (like everyone else) deserve to be dead already - the bad news that is necessary if one will ever understand and appreciate the Good News of the true Gospel.

The Enemy has many ways of imitating the true gospel and true christian life. It is very possibile that the RCC is the Enemy's greatest form of deception. Through the "works based gospel of salvation" many are falsely led to believe they are saved when indeed they are far from God. Many are also made to be self-righteous and will hear those striking words from Jesus - "Away from me, evil doer. I never knew you."

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