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What Italy Really Thinks of Christianity

There is still a common thought among evangelicals in the USA in regards to Italy - almost all evangelicals are lead to believe that Italy is made up of Christians.

Set foot in the real Italy and you will find things are much different.

Though 95% of the 60 million people in Italy are Catholic, only 5% of them even practice the religion.

Evangelicals in Italy - less than 1%, or in other words 0%.


This work of street art in Conegliano city demonstrates what the real Italy says about Christianity and religion today. Mary and the common belief of her being the mother of God, as Catholicism claims, is to the average Italian like an atomic bomb. Christianity (as they understand it) and all religions, in other words, are like a bomb of destruction for humanity.

May it trouble your heart, but move your heart to make a difference together with us.

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