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In Prison

Recently I've been reflecting how we are as Christians living between two worlds. We're saved, but still awaiting all things to be made fully new at Jesus' return. We're saved but still have a sinful flesh and live in a sinful and fallen world.

I've also been reflecting on the times when the Lord's apostles were in prison and how at times they were set free miraculously by the Lord while at other times they were not. I've also been thinking about how all of the Lord's people can find themselves bound or in a prison of sorts without actually being in a cell. Here are some thoughts in case you also are feeling as though you are in a prison today.

If you are able, by God's grace, to escape your prison, do it and bear as much fruit as you can while you are free. If you try, by God's grace, but are unable to get free or escape, consider it for now God's perfect plan for you and rejoice in it. Bear fruit where you are planted and if God wants to get you out of your prison He is more than able to do it even while you sleep. Consider Peter's escape by an angel and consider the time Paul and Silus were liberated while praising God after accepting God's perfect plan for them to be in prison.

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