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Urgent Financial Need

Today we write with an urgent prayer request and financial need.

We are sad to say that we have been presented with two rather large financial needs and a short period of time to pay them. As you know, our ministry is entirely dependent upon donations. We truly wish it cost less to serve the Lord in Italy by preaching the gospel, making disciples and planting churches, but we also know that we cannot put a price tag on the souls of those whom the Lord is calling. We are troubled by this large need, but we know our God is greater and we must not lose faith; He always has a way. Would you please join us in prayer about these financial needs and forward it to your friends? Perhaps the Lord wants to use YOU as part of His way of meeting this need.

  • [urgent] $5,000 US (€3,700) | ITALY TAXES - recently they changed the laws and now missionaries must pay taxes also in Italy. We just found out that we owe a large sum which we simply don't have. The bulk of this payment is due on the 16th of July! Just 6 days from now!

  • [urgent] $1,100 US (€780) | HEALTH INSURANCE - we just found out that they raised our yearly medical insurance payment from $525.00 to $1,578.00. We need to pay it in one payment and we simply don't have it.

Thank you for prayerfully considering our need. We are humbled and honored for you love, care and support.

In Christ,

Jesse & Jeryvee

Email sent to our partners

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