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Evangelism Team

This week we're hosting an evangelism team of twelve from Fort Myers, Florida. Teams help our church plants because they cause us to meet people that we would not normally be able to meet.

In the mornings we have the groups do a mass distribution of tracts from house to house and in every store and coffee bar. (thousands of tracts per day)

In the afternoons we take them to the parks for children's ministry: puppets, stories, games, etc... Through this we get to meet parents.

In the evenings we take them into the piazza (town square) where they perform mimes or dramas. The dramas draw in a crowd and then we give them a brief Gospel message inviting people to converse with us. By God's grace we change the mood of an entire piazza from senseless conversation to Gospel centered conversation.

Please join us in prayer from now till June 20th as we lead this courageous group of Christians from FL.

Pray for fruitful evangelism and many opportunities to follow up with people after the team is gone. Pray for heart conversions. Pray for humility and unity among us all. Pray against the works of Satan.

This kind of mission trip is relational. This kind of mission trip is Biblical and it's Practical. Soli Deo Gloria

Start planning now and you too can be here next year!

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