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Men's Retreat

This week the men of our church planting team took two days to gather, pray, seek the Lord and discuss REVIVAL.

In the spiritual jungle of Italy it is easy to fall victim to the traps and schemes of the Enemy. Seeing how slowly things move here makes it easy to become almost passive or not zealous. It's possible to begin to think that it's just the way it is: things are slow, things take time and little happens in this land...

After discussing what True Revival is (The normal Christian life of being Spirit-filled and actively serving the Lord in the church and preaching Him among all men) we concluded together that we CANNOT ACCEPT the realities of Italy and therefore fall victim. Instead we must keep ourselves Spirit-filled and grace-filled that we can remain zealous and preach with boldness while expecting the Lord to do miracles in causing New Birth experiences and radical heart change in those we're witnessing to.

We've also recognized that there is a serious Enemy stronghold in Italy and in our current city that keeps people bound and unable to respond to the Gospel. We are now dedicating more time to PRAYER in order to pray against these works of the Devil so that more people may be set free and set ablaze by God's love.

It was truly a memorable Men's Retreat! Soli Deo Gloria!

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