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A cohort existing for the single task of edifying (planting) new church bodies in Italy where they currently don't exist.


Most people when they think of missions think of the jungle, tribes or the amazon. It's possible that you feel called to serve the Lord in missions, but fear you do not have what it takes for 'jungle life'. You probably don't have what it takes! But you may have what it takes for the spiritual jungle of Italy!

At PMc you can serve Jesus among millions of people who have not yet heard the Gospel. It could be devastating to your spiritual health if you go alone to Italy, but we offer a variety of ways for you to SERVE and be a living sacrifice together with us in Jesus' mission!

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Italy is one of the most unique and most abandoned mission fields on the planet. The average Christian, however, never considers Italy as a place where missions is needed. Today, Italy has very little gospel presence and few biblical and healthy churches. The church reformation that has reached all the world has yet to arrive in Italy, some 500 years after the reformation!!

There are countless Italians daily growing closer to eternal torment and they don't even know it. We are here to evangelize the lost, preach the Gospel, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We warmly invite you to be a part of Jesus church in Italy! Your desire to SERVE and reach the lost can cause us to reach the unreached!

Like Jesus driven to His cross so we drive ourselves to the singular task of the edification (planting) of new church bodies in Italy.

Matthew 16:18


I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.


- Jesus Christ

PMc News, Updates and Opportunities

2nd Quarter Newsletter

July 17, 2020

Here is a summary of the work of the Lord through PMc missionaries in the 2nd Quarter of 2020. Thank you for being a valuable part of this ministry and God bless.

May 08, 2020

PMc now has a dedicated channel on Youtube for our partners. 

Incorporating Christians into the Lord's mission of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in Italy with Practical Missions Cohort.

Soon to come will be a Vlog and online courses: PMc 12 Points, Evangelism, Missions, Apostolic Church Planting

May 01, 2020

PMc has now officially canceled all our previously planned evangelism activities for this summer due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are sad, but trusting in God's goodness and sovereignty. 

Our short-term cohorts, Lord willing, are instructed to plan for 2021. Our summer interns are instructed to consider the fall of 2020 or the summer of 2021.

A short video telling of what the PMc ministry is about and some of the ways you and your church can actively partner in on the work in Italy.

Opportunity to Serve - ESL Director

February 1, 2019

At current we are looking for a person to join the PMc Cohort in Italy in the role of ESL Director.


The person who fulfills this role helps to oversee ESL outreach so that local Italians see first hand the goodness of God through the church in hopes that some will get saved (according to God’s will), become disciples and get integrated into the new church body - all to the glory of God. Please contact us if you are interested in more information! 


Note: This role requires raising your own support, moving to Italy, learning the language and culture, and joining the church plant cohort.


January 31, 2020

A PMc vision trip is a perfect first step for anyone considering a long-term or more personal involvement in serving Jesus in Italy with PMc. Serve together with us in Italy for 4-5 days and help us do some outreach while we talk about ministry stuff and church planting in Italy.

Involves literature distributions, park ministry with kids (puppets, stories, games, prizes, etc...), meeting Italians, prayer times, meals and church involvement.


God bless you as you consider a Vision Trip with PMc in Italy.

November 07, 2018

This site is an extension of PMc in Italy. It is useful to inform those we engage with evangelistically. All our tracts have links to pages on the site. The site serves to expose people to the Word of God, the preaching of the Word, a Biblical view of the church, sound Gospel literature, discipleship, and more.

All of our labors in evangelism and discipleship are part of the larger work of planting churches and training indigenous pastors to the pastoral ministry. Your participation in this ministry helps us! 

This video is about Venetian Church from AD 639 that is not a church. Common in Italy is the ancient church structure that has no active biblical church body. In this video you can see some of the spiritual reality of Italy which is 99% unreached with the Gospel today.

Opportunity to Serve - Administrator

April 17, 2018

At current we are looking for a person to join the PMc Cohort in Italy in the role of Administrator.


This role requires raising your own support, moving to Italy, learning the language and culture, joining the church plant cohort and overseeing all on-field administration. The person who fulfills this role helps enable the mission to recruit and involve more missionaries, reach more lost people, make more and better disciples of Jesus and plant more churches - all to the glory of God. Please contact us if you are interested in more information!

January 22, 2018

Incorporating Christians into the Lord's mission of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting in Italy with Practical Missions Cohort so others can flourish in Jesus' global mission whether they go or stay.

June 2, 2017

PMc is now officially seeking 'laborers' or new missionaries to come serve Jesus in Italy! Apart from praying and giving we now offer you also the chance to serve on a Short-term Cohort, as an Intern or as a Long-term Missionary on a Church Plant Cohort.

Please feel free to contact us for more information if you or someone you know is interested! Thanks! Grazie! And God bless you.

December 09, 2016

If church planting and missions is something you are drawn towards, and if you are even considering to apply and join PMc in Italy to play a role in God's work of establishing churches through evangelism and discipleship, this document is for you.


Here we address 12 key points of clarity to the unique work of church planting in Italy. We define some terms and explain our strategies and approaches. This document can help you get a good feel for what we are about so you can know what you are signing up for before you make commitments, rather than after, or worse, never. 

To give it a read click on the link, send us a message and make a request. We will be happy to get a copy also in your hands!

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