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Homeschool Curriculum

05 May 2023


The Schreck family is now homeschooling their children on the mission field!

Since the pandemic began there has been an explosion of new families beginning a journey of homeschooling, which until now has been almost nonexistent in Italy. Praise God!

The Schreck's are now part of a community of homeschoolers in Italy, but they are intent on providing a Christian education as well. Their oldest child, Cornelius, is now finishing grade 1. In the fall, they will begin his grade 2 program using the curriculum from My Father's World

If you would like to support them privately to cover the costs and help them educate their kids, please reach out and let us know.

The cost for the grade 2 curriculum is about $350.

To make a private contribution, non-tax-deductible, you can do so via PayPal. Please contact us for more information.

Travel Fund

05 May 2023


The Schreck family is now preparing for a long-overdue furlough to visit family and churches in the US.

Due to certain mandates and covid restrictions, they have been unable to return to the US, but now the emergency restrictions have finally been declared over. 


They look forward to seeing family members, resting, enjoying the mutual fellowship and edification of the body of Christ, as well as telling of what God is doing in Italy. Part of this trip will be to promote for PMc, recruit missionaries, and share about the multiple avenues of involvement now available for those interested in serving Jesus in Italy.  


Flight tickets will cost about $3500 for the roundtrip.


They will also need to get around while in the US. 

Pray for a vehicle they can use and a private home they can stay in.

05 July 2022


Europe has an energy crisis.


Sadly, there are many issues now happening in Europe, and Italy as well. The pandemic has been devastating to the economy. Prices are going up. The war that began earlier this year has only caused things to worsen. Prices are skyrocketing for electricity, natural gas, and petrol for vehicles (currently about $8/gallon). Italy is heavily dependent on Russia and produces zero electricity of its own... In addition, there are now severe droughts occurring throughout most of Italy. Venice closed 61 drinking fountains last week, and there is talk about water being shut off for residential areas all over Italy in the evenings and perhaps certain hours of the day. The droughts also affect the growth of rice and grains along Italy's key rivers. Experts are predicting serious difficulties starting this fall and winter.

As a missionary family with PMc, we have been diligent to begin making preparations (food, water, security, heating, etc) for the worst in order to survive and continue thriving for Jesus through whatever may come. 

One thing that remains to acquire is a generator for the ministry. It seems wise to get this so that we can still have power (and security) in the event of blackouts and brownouts that are now being predicted in the future. 

A moderate (middle-of-the-road) 1800w battery-powered generator that can be recharged with solar panels, a wall outlet, or with the cigarette lighter in a vehicle should be sufficient for our needs as a family and small ministry.


The cost to us is about $1,500 for the power station and 1 solar panel kit.

To make a tax-deductible donation, you can send a check to Practical Missions Cohort, with "power generator" in the memo section. 


Practical Missions Cohort

500 Westover Dr. #10079

Sanford, NC 27330

Screen Shot 2022-07-06 at 3.43.00 PM.png

Power Station

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