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Reconciled through Jesus Christ: Embracing Relationships and Facing Afflictions

In this post, we delve into the profound message of reconciliation through Jesus Christ, exploring its implications on our relationships and our ability to face afflictions. We witness the transformative power of faith and gain insights into maintaining strong bonds with others amidst life's trials. Join us as we tackle this crucial topic as it relates to successful missionary endeavors as well as fruitful Christian living.

True Faith Impacts Relationships
True Faith Impacts Relationships

Reconciled to God through Jesus Christ:

The Bible teaches us that sin separates us from God, leaving us in a state of brokenness and disconnection. However, through Jesus Christ, the mediator between God and humanity, we have been given the opportunity to be reconciled to God. By repenting of our sins and embracing Jesus Christ by faith, we are saved and united with the Father. This reconciliation empowers us to develop healthy and meaningful relationships with others, free from the burdens of self-interest and dependency. Only as we rest on this truth can we maintain fruitful and meaningful relationships with our fellow Gospel laborers on the mission field.

Embracing Relationships:

With our restored relationship with God as our foundation, we are called to approach our relationships as a source of blessing rather than a means of personal gain. Instead of constantly seeking things from others, we are encouraged to give sacrificially, encourage, and uplift. Through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, we can view our interactions as opportunities to reflect God's love and character to those around us.

Deconstructing Faith and the Importance of Understanding Afflictions:

Too often today we hear of a concerning trend among confessing Christians — deconstructing faith. Some individuals, often with a limited understanding of God's sovereignty or a weak discipleship foundation, go through a path of questioning and drifting away from their faith. Such instances usually stem from difficult experiences or disruptions in the church environment. However, behind this deconstruction lies hidden sin that individuals cling to and justify. This reinforces the critical need for a deeper understanding of God's sovereignty and comprehensive discipleship that prepares believers for the challenges and afflictions associated with following Christ.

Responding to Afflictions with Hope and Faith:

Afflictions are an inevitable part of the Christian journey. As we navigate life's trials, it is crucial to approach them in light of the Gospel. In the School of Christ, it is essential that we learn to see afflictions as an opportunity for growth, relying on God's sovereignty and our relationship with Him to find strength and hope amidst hardships. By understanding that God permits or causes everything according to His divine decree, we can face afflictions with a mindset of resilience and trust in His plan.

The Thessalonians: A Testament to Perseverance:

We can find encouragement when we glimpse into the context of the Thessalonians' experience with afflictions and persecution. Despite the challenges they faced, these new believers remained steadfast in their faith, continuing to live out the teachings received from Paul. Their resilience and commitment serve as a powerful example for us today. Their unwavering dedication to the Lord amidst adversity inspires us to stand firm in our faith and persevere through trials.

In this post, we have explored the theme of reconciliation through Jesus Christ and its impact on our relationships and our response to afflictions. We are reminded of the significance of being reconciled to God and the transformative power it has on our interactions with others. As we journey through life, facing various afflictions just like all faithful missionaries do, we must stay rooted in our faith and trust in God's sovereignty. May we draw inspiration from the Thessalonians' unwavering commitment to the Lord and strive to maintain strong relationships, reflecting His love and grace to a world in desperate need.


Written by Jesse Schreck | founder, director, and missionary with Practical Missions Cohort

To hear more on this topic you can listen to ep. 297 of Missions Incorporated


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