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Essentials for Effective Preaching: Striving to Hear 'Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant

In the world of preaching, every speaker has the desire to hear the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant" upon delivering their message. To obtain this commendation, several essentials need to be considered and applied effectively. This post aims to highlight key points (overlooked essentials) that can aid in enhancing the art of delivering a compelling and edifying sermon.

Preaching and Missions
Overlooked Essentials to Preaching

1. Abide Daily in The Word

As a preacher, immersing yourself daily in God's word is imperative. It is through this discipline that you become thoroughly nourished with the living Word. Remember, you can only feed others if you are well-fed yourself. Therefore, to effectively deliver God's message, never overlook the discipline of dedicating a substantial amount of time to reading and understanding the word of God.

2. Speak to the People

To have a meaningful impact, your sermon must be directed towards the people. Show them that you care and are fully engaged with them by making consistent eye contact. Remember, the ideal sermon goes beyond mere rhetoric or reading; it needs to be engaging and interactive.

3. Involve The People For Maximum Retention

When preaching, aim to engage the audience as much as possible. Use illustrations, stories, or anecdotes to make your message more relatable and understandable. By engaging more of their senses, your audience is more likely to retain the message and apply it in their lives.

4. Let God's Word Speak Primarily

As a speaker, it's important to remember that you are just a mouthpiece and it's ultimately God's message that you are delivering. Cultivate trust in the living word and the Holy Spirit more than your ability. Avoid the temptation to incorporate unnecessary theatrics; instead, let God’s word guide and inspire your preaching.

5. Feed Them One Main Point

Avoid overwhelming your listeners with too many points or ideas. Instead, focus on delivering one main idea clearly and concisely. This approach will prevent information overload and allow your audience to fully understand and remember the central message.

6. Avoid Putting People to Sleep

Energetic and engaging preaching is essential to maintain your audience's interest and prevent them from drifting off. Strive to be lively in your delivery and let your passion for the Word of God shine through.

7. Be Yourself, Not Someone Else

Your uniqueness as a preacher is your strength. While others can shape us significantly, it's important to develop your voice. Be authentic and remember that God fashioned you in your unique way for a unique purpose.

8. Let Your Motivation Be Love for God

Above all, let the love for God be your primary motivation for preaching His word. This love will keep your passion burning and will motivate you to continually strive to improve your preaching skills.

In conclusion, success in preaching comes from a deep-rooted commitment to daily scripture reading, engagement with the audience, trust in the divine word, focus on a central message, lively presentation, authenticity, and love for God. Stay focused on these principles to ensure that your sermons are effective in transforming lives and leading your congregation closer to God.


Written by Jesse Schreck | founder, director, and missionary with Practical Missions Cohort

To hear more on this topic you can check out ep. 312 of Missions Incorporated


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