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Conegliano City

We are now working and strategizing, with much prayer, to reach a new people group in the North East Italy city named Conegliano. We are working with a couple about our age, Dani & Xenia, who are Italian speaking Romanians who love Jesus and are now involved in ministry. Soon we will be taking a group photo so you can meet them. We may even interview them on video :-)

For years they have been desiring to see salvation come to the people of their city. Dani is in pastoral training and Xenia is a translator serving part time to format the Porterbrook learning modules into Italian, French and Romanian. We come in with church planting experience and know-how to work with them and their current church about 30 minutes away (Serenissima Church) to make it all a reality. Glory to God alone.


Click on the photo above or HERE to see some basic info about the city we are reaching for and with Christ.

Click on the video below to here what God is already doing as we begin this new work. Enjoy! and God bless!

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