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Learning How to Rest

As we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ we learn anew what it means to live. A new believer ought to "run by the Lord" all that he/she does to make sure it's what our Master would have in mind for us, or not. The same is true for missions. When serving as missionaries it's important to seek the Lord in all things to learn how to best be used by the Lord.

Recently we've been seeking the Lord for how to balance our life with the demands of church planting ministry cross-culturally. It's no small task, but the Lord has been showing us how to redeem moments here and there. One way Jeryvee and I were able to do this recently was to take a short walk on our lunch breaks. On this day we discovered the nearby rose garden and the Lord blessed us with fresh air and rest as we sat and gazed upon the beauty of His creation. Thank you Jesus for the simple moments that make all the difference! amen.

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