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Speaking Truth

When evangelizing and discipling their is a legitimate temptation to ease back on the truth, after all, we all know that the 'truth hurts'. Jesus knew well that the truth hurts, but He also knew that if the truth be not preached than liberation cannot happen - 'the truth will set you free', said the Lord. We must speak the truth. To not speak the truth is to support lies.

Today, in Italy there is so much confusion and misunderstanding in regards to the things of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ that speaking the truth is tricky business. It's easy to just say things as they are, but if not done with grace and love it's also very easy for postmodern Italians to keep the truth at bay or to continue soffocating the truth as Paul teaches in Romans 1:18. This tricky balance reminds us of the importance of depending entirely on the Lord through the work of the Holy Spirit in order to effectively bear witness to the gospel of grace. As we lean on and depend on the Lord He will show us how to preach truth in a way that even postmodern Italians will be set free. Join us in prayer for this! The Lord can use your prayers to cause truth to penetrate and transform the heart of more Italians!

A fitting quote by Phil Johnson from an article in Table Talk magazine:

"The idea that it's unloving to defend truth or confront lies is one of the arrogant opinions of this postmodern age that needs to be torn down. Authentic love rejoices with the truth."

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