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The Value of Children

Here at our church plant in Pordenone city we are blessed to have a group of kids. A temptation in church planting cross-cultural could be to ignore the kids a bit. Why is this? Because usually all of the missionaries are a bit under-supported and over-worked and as a result reaching out to the little ones can be overlooked.

Our team has made the commitment of not overlooking our little ones. We recognize them as gifts from God and the future of the church. Kids understand gospel truth and when they receive it at a young age they can mature in the faith and become solid people and great influences in a lost and dying world.

Here is a quote from Dr. J.D. Greear who confirms our vision for the kids in our church plants:

"When we think about what our churches are 'leaving behind' for our cities, we shouldn't be thinking of ministry plans or church buildings, but kids. The children in our church are the first ones that God has given us to win for the gospel. Because they are the inheritance we are leaving for our city, the single most important task we have as a church is to teach the next generation the gospel."

Well said! Here is a video of some of our kids singing to the Lord during a church service. Enjoy!

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