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Find Out Why!

Recently you heard about our "why campaign" here in the city of Pordenone; here is an update. We're now wrapping up the third poster in our phase one of the campaign. We started out posting all over the city and distributing tracts from house to house that said: "Why?", in Italian of course. Everything has been anonymous. The second poster said 'why' but had several questions also scattered about such as: why am I not satisfied? why do I feel empty? why am I always seeking but never finding? why is there suffering? why do I not have peace? why do I live?

The third poster, the one that is up now and being distributed says: "Find Out Why!" and then gives a web address where people can find some answers, and/or request a free booklet that we've drafted up and printed. Please join us in prayer that the Lord use this effort to stir up hearts to ask questions and seek the answers. Please pray that people would come to Jesus through this effort in our current church plant city, Pordenone.

Soon we will begin evangelizing in piazza with this campaign through surveys and handing out short "why" tracts. We hope to also set up a booth at an upcoming event here in town this spring. Please pray also for these things. To hear more listen on the PM Podcast on iTunes.

The Booklet that we made and are offering for free to whoever asks for it.

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