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The Why Campaign

This is a new project that we are doing here in Pordenone city in Italy where we are currently laboring with our team to plant a church.

So what is the idea behind this? It's simple. We realized clearly now, after evangelizing the people of our city for a couple years that our town is very postmodern and almost no one under the age of 40 is every thinking about God. Only a fool would even consider such things is the thought of the people here. To bridge the gap between the people and Christ and His church we are seeking new methods. Since everyone has thoughts about God and the church, but no one is able to give them answers we are inviting the people to ask us important questions about life. We are challenging the masses to ask the right questions and to seek the right answers.

How are we doing this? We paid to have posters made that are anonymous and say only one word, "Why?" or "Perche'?" with a simple logo in the bottom corner. We then paid the town hall to put 200 of them up for us around the town. We then put up an additional 100 smaller posters in most of the shop windows around town. Then we distributed about 7-8000 flyers to the houses and coffee bars. Everything is anonymous.

We just started our second phase. The poster is very similar to the first phase. It has the word WHY in the middle and then it's surrounded with questions such as: Why do I live? Why do I seek but never find? Why is there suffering? Why is there no peace? Why am I not satisfied? Why am I here? Why do I feel empty? Why do I not have love? etc...

To hear the full story listen to our PRACTICAL MISSIONS PODCAST episode on iTunes.

“The Lord has ordained suffering for just such a purpose, to draw His people to Him with a “why?” on their lips, but to draw them toward Him nonetheless.”

- Joe Holland

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