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Conversational English - free

One thing we are doing in order to be a blessing to our city where we are curently planting a church is to offer free English lessons. We do this a few times a year in order to help local Italians improve their English in a safe and fun environment. In a world where nothing is free, we have the privilege as Christians to freely give as we ourselves have freely received in Christ. These courses are a great way to build friendships that lead to gospel conversation outside of the classroom. It's a tangible way to be a blessing to the people we are reaching out to, for and with Jesus. All Christians can find something they are good at and offer it to others in order to be a blessing and in order to preach the gospel. As Christian's we ought all to be intentional in this way!

Further, as you give to missionaries like us, you too are being intentional and missional and you too are making an impact in this dark world. To God be the glory.

Pray that God would use these efforts to draw people to Himself!

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