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Church and God in the mind of an Italian

As Americans we take for granted our understanding of who the God of the Bible is and what the church of Christ looks like. Now, we all know there is no perfect church, but we also know that the Bible teaches clearly what church is and is not and how it is to function. This short video we made in order to help you understand a couple things.

1. As missionaries we are constantly at work to understand the context of the culture we are reaching out to with the gospel. If we fail to understand the people we will fail to also reach them with the gospel. The Italian context for the gospel is unable to be compared to the USA context; simply put, it is a whole different world!

2. Italians have not been influenced by the Church Reformation of the 1500's which has reached all the world. They have only one view of God and church and it is not biblical. When you speak to an Italian, a real one in Italy not an American one, you will quickly find that all their ideas of God, church and Christian faith have been distorted due to centuries of false gospel being proclaimed to them.

Watch this video and let it touch your heart. Let it change you and let it burden your heart for the 60 million people in the land called Italy who have been spiritually ABANDONED, ABUSED and DEPRIVED OF THE GOSPEL and SPIRITUAL FOOD.

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