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Missions & Church Planting in Italy
Kids Ministry in Italy
Missions & Church Planting in Italy
Evangelism in Italy
Missionary Church Planting in Italy
Evangelism in Italy
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Italy is one of the most unique and most abandoned mission fields on the planet. The average Christian, however, never considers Italy as a place where missions are needed. Today, Italy has very little gospel presence and few Biblical and healthy churches. The church reformation that has reached all the world has yet to arrive in Italy, some 500 years after the reformation!!

There are countless Italians daily growing closer to eternal torment and they don't even know it. We are here to evangelize the lost, preach the Gospel, and make disciples of Jesus Christ. We warmly invite you to be a part of Jesus' church in Italy! Your desire to SERVE and reach the lost can cause us to reach the unreached!

Like Jesus driven to His cross so we drive ourselves to the singular task of the edification (planting) of Biblical churches in Italy.

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Do you love God, Italians, Italy, and the church of Jesus Christ? Do you want to play a more personal role in missions work abroad? Do you want to get all our content and updates (plus bonus material no one else sees) before anyone else? 

We invite you to join 

The Italian Cohort 

Our online community group on Discord is where you can gain inside access to the work of PMc in Italy.​